Comprehensive global maritime monitoring provided in a secure web-based platform

Global plan

Global maritime monitoring and vessel analysis

The global plan provides you with a comprehensive view of maritime activity and powerful tools for analysis. End the issues that come from complex software and incomplete AIS data. Plans range from one to unlimited users and there is no minimum subscription length.


  • Real-time, reliable AIS with extensive global coverage from exactEarth
  • Key events including fishing activity, port visits, when two vessels meet at sea, and more are flagged in real-time using machine learning and algorithms
  • Over 500,000 vessel travel histories dating back to May 2020
  • Filtering and analysis based on areas of interest, key events, flag states, vessel types, and more
  • Estimated port arrival times for vessels heading to New Zealand
  • Risk assessment for hitchhiker pests

Additional operations support

Add operations support and dark vessel detection to the global plan

To support operations we work with you to plan, task and rapidly analyse satellite data to detect dark vessels and provide greater situational awareness. The resulting intelligence is displayed in your Starboard account.


  • Dark vessel detection through automatically detecting vessels in satellite data and comparing them with AIS data
  • Satellite data collections can include optical, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), radio frequency (RF) or visible infrared imaging radiometer suite (VIIRS)
  • Detections and information from your on water and aerial assets can be ingested
  • Our science team, who are experts in satellite data and remote sensing, will work with you and recommend the most appropriate data types, suppliers and manage the tasking of satellites


Start a free trial

You don’t need to know exactly what you need, and what the best way to proceed is. We can discuss this with you, and you can start a Starboard trial and see what works best.

During the trial you’ll meet the team who will get your organisation set up and discuss how to get the most out of satellite monitoring and Starboard with you.