VMS fishing fleet management

Effective and insightful management of your fishing fleet

Starboard vessel monitoring helps flag, coastal, and port states alongside regional fisheries management organisations and industry groups to tackle the complex challenges of building capacity and transforming their operational tools.

Starboard supports government and defence agencies, regional fisheries management organisations, and industry groups by combining their vessel position and management data with the science and tools they need to protect their fisheries.

Build capacity with transformational tools for your compliance personnel

Verify vessel journeys and operations in a matter of minutes

Review vessel manoeuvers including automatically flagged port visits, encounters, and duration of fishing activity. This enables fisheries officers to check noteworthy events since the last port of call, making it easy to verify self-reported events, such as transshipments.

A real-time shared operational platform

Any view in Starboard can be shared between staff, enabling staff to review and share the exact vessel, activity, and location quickly and accurately without the need to email screenshots, or download and manage complex data. Starboard is a secure and intuitive web application that staff can use on any device.

Simplify the management of vessels when reporting issues occur

Activity summaries (future release) analyse the volume of reporting vessels and non-reporting vessels and users can review the dashboard to manage outages. All issues and the activities to manage these are recorded in the vessel’s history. Automated communications to vessels can be set up for commonly occurring issues to reduce the time teams spend dealing with these.

Be ready to tackle the future of sensor technology and machine learning

Effortlessly handle high volumes of complex data

Vessel position data is at the core of Starboard’s platform, we have the proven ability to ingest 26,000 positions a minute and turn this into understandable maritime activity in a fast and intuitive platform.

We have developed several ingestion pipelines for complex data from novel sensors. Vessel matching algorithms also allow for the ingestion of external databases such as vessel authorisations.

Partnerships with sensor providers to deliver an end-to-end solution

Confidently increase your use of sensors and electronic monitoring, knowing that your database and our platform can handle any volume in a structured way.

We are hardware agnostic and can ingest data from any mobile transceiver unit (MTU) with the support of our partner Snap Group.

Fisheries focused data science team

As the volume and complexity of data grows through the use of additional sensor technology the importance of machine learning and algorithms to support capacity building will also grow.

We have a cross-functional team of scientists and engineers that co-develops models with customers, which are then integrated into Starboard.

Weather data visualised and associated with vessels

Sea surface temperature, wave height and wind velocity layers provide context for a vessel’s movements.

Gain more intelligence per dollar spent on your operational centre

Flexible vessel monitoring with tags and intuitive activity histories

Every activity related to a vessel is recorded in its history, along with details of the users who have made the change. This includes activities like tagging vessels for inspections, changes to MTU reporting rates and messages sent to a vessel.

With the ability to filter on and select vessels, based on their tags, this classification tool can also be used to monitor vessels or fleets of interests

Always on monitoring with alerts

Combining complex queries and alerts allows users to set up continual monitoring. Alerts can be sent to other users or directly to vessels, allowing non-compliant vessel activity to be instantly flagged and acted upon at all times.

Examples of these alerts could include when a vessel’s MTU has reporting issues, when a vessel enters a restricted area or when certain activity is detected.

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“The Starboard team has been genuine in their ambition to help the Tuvalu government to prevent IUU fishing and we trust them with confidential access to our VMS data that we can drop into their AIS platform easily.”

— Mike Batty, Advisor, Tuvalu Fisheries Department

“MPI has benefited not just from the Starboard platform but the relationship that comes with it. They are always responsive to our evolving needs and are quick to collaborate on innovative solutions on the platform which ensure our mutual, ongoing success.”

— Andrew Curtis, Manager at MPI New Zealand

“I'm spending an hour a day reviewing key events, like encounters or vessel detections, as opposed to most of the day manually looking for these things ”

— Analyst at the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand during a pilot operation